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[Agenda] 26 July WPWG teleconference

[Agenda] 31 July 2018 Tokenization Task Force call

[Blog post] July Payments Recap

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[w3c/webpayments] Visual Identity for Web Payments (#250)

An Upgraded NFC Payment Scheme

Call for Exclusions: Payment Request API

CANCELED: 19 July Web Payments WG call --- next call is 26 July

Canceled: 25 July 3DS task force

Chrome 68 has Payment Handler! [Was: Got a web-based payment handler?]

Correction [was Re: Upcoming WPWG calls in July]

Creating Web Payments logo

FYI: W3C Workshop on Permissions and User Consent

Got a web-based payment handler?

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Reminder - Please register for TPAC before 31 July to get the early bird rate!

Reminder - Re: TPAC 2018 registration now open

Reminder and additional information - Re: TPAC 2018 registration now open

Reminder: Tokenization Task Force meets 17 July

Seeking agenda items for 25 July 3DS Task Force Call

Start of visual identity and user adoption task force

Upcoming WPWG calls

wpwg-ACTION-101: Review the tokenization spec

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