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Please also keep in mind during the design the new contrast requirements
from W3C spec WCAG 2.1** and ensure the design has good contrast within
itself to be distinguishable in low light on small screens. See
Non-text Contrast

** Success Criterion 1.4.11 Non-text Contrast (Level AA)
The visual presentation of the following have a contrast ratio of at least
3:1 against adjacent color(s):

User Interface Components
Visual information required to identify user interface components and
states, except for inactive components or where the appearance of the
component is determined by the user agent and not modified by the author;

Graphical Objects
Parts of graphics required to understand the content, except when a
particular presentation of graphics is essential to the information being

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On Thu, Jul 12, 2018 at 4:13 AM, Eiji Kitamura <> wrote:

> ​​
> Hi all,
> Not sure if I posted the link previously but Ian kindly raised an issue on
> GitHub where we can discuss about the logo.
> I've just added a new comment. Please join the discussion.
> (Sorry if I didn't post the link before)
> Thanks
> On Wed, Jun 27, 2018 at 5:35 PM Eiji Kitamura <> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm Eiji, a developer advocate at Google working on the open web focusing
>> on payments and identity from Tokyo Japan.
>> As Payment Handler is becoming a good shape and being shipped on Chrome ,
>> I think it's good time to determine web payments' official logo. I heard
>> there were efforts to create one in the past but didn't come to a
>> conclusion.
>> I'd like to hear your opinion on
>> - if we should do it
>> - how we should do it
>> Luckily, Ian has already come up with set of expectations to the logo
>> Let's follow that. And on top of what he suggested, I think:
>> - Web payments logo can represent this effort and it will be far easier
>> for people to identify a payment solution is one of web payments even they
>> have never seen it before..
>> - The logo can be a symbol across web, merchant and payment industries
>> and will unite us together.
>> I'm thinking if we can use the logo for
>> - Generic payment button (launches Payment Request UI instead of specific
>> payment app directly)
>> - A sticker on a technical documentation that means the technology is
>> based on web payments
>> If there are enough interest, I'd like to determine how we should move
>> things forward.
>> Let first tell us what you think.
>> Thanks.
>> P.S. There's a Web Payments slack and some of us have been discussing
>> about this for sometime. Please feel free to join.
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> Eiji Kitamura | Developer Advocate | |
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