Re: [Agenda] 14 September Payment Apps task force meeting

On 9/13/16 16:07, Ian Jacobs wrote:
> Adam is working on spec text; I hope we will have a chance to chat briefly about its direction,
> and whether we can do a spec update before TPAC.

The changes I've made so far are in this (work in progress) fork:
It captures the jsapi proposal, modulo the conversation we had in

I believe section 7 is pretty much done (at least to the level of "code 
complete").  I think all of the structures in Section 10 are pretty much 
in their final form, although they clearly still need documentation and 
procedures. I think that sections 10.4 (payment app response) and 10.5 
(example) are also complete.

I'll make a PR against the main spec once I finish out 10.1, 10.2, and 10.3.

Adam Roach
Principal Engineer, Mozilla
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