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Re: Concerns about Core Messages specification

From: Adrian Hope-Bailie <adrian@hopebailie.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2016 13:51:13 +0200
Message-ID: <CA+eFz_LWkfqNiH6KctPWVV_KceVO9Ms3Y8myxKsqOzo0t93bEQ@mail.gmail.com>
To: Manu Sporny <msporny@digitalbazaar.com>
Cc: Payments WG <public-payments-wg@w3.org>
On 20 July 2016 at 17:56, Manu Sporny <msporny@digitalbazaar.com> wrote:

> On 07/20/2016 05:31 AM, Adrian Hope-Bailie wrote:
> > At this point, I believe it is premature for this group to publish
> > such a document given that we are still finalizing the browser APIs
> > and the HTTP APIs and that both of these are evolving independently.
> The HTTP API spec has a normative dependency on the Core Messages spec.
> Publishing the HTTP API spec without also publishing the Core Messages
> spec would result in the HTTP API spec not having a normative definition
> of the messages used in the spec.

Is this necessary?

I would prefer we define the HTTP API messages in the HTTP API spec and
then abstract these and the browser API messages into a separate document
when it is clear that is a good idea.

I don't believe a signal to the community that there are core data models
that may have multiple implementations is correct while there are not
multiple implementations that have stabilized around that data model.

> Even if the group doesn't end up aligning the messages between the specs
> we're creating, we still need to publish Core Messages because the HTTP
> API spec depends on it.

Why would we do that if the only implementation of the core messages is the

> We can address your concern by adding an issue marker to the spec before
> we publish it (you choose the wording that would work best for you).

I believe it is premature to publish the Core Messages spec as it sends the
wrong signal about the current consensus of the group. I don't believe the
group is in consensus that there should a shared data model for all APIs.
Publishing Core Messages suggest that there is.

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