Priorities (was: Re: Proposed agenda for our call tomorrow (28th April at 16h00 UTC))

A few thoughts on the priorities of the group.

WGs rarely work on one priority at a time unless they only have one spec
they're working on.

I'll note that Web Apps has 33 specs in their charter, many of them are
worked on at the same time:

Web AppSec has 12 specs, a number of which are moved forward in parallel:

That's not to say we shouldn't have a narrow focus, but there are
different views on where the priorities should be in this WG (based on,
for example, which industry each of us is coming from).

On 04/27/2016 09:12 AM, Telford-Reed, Nick wrote:
> o   Extensibility (and specifically payment app registration and 
> architecture for browser-payment-api)

I think AdrianHB is focusing on this and making good progress. I hope
the WG formally takes on his Architecture proposal next week.

> o   Moving published working drafts forward and supporting 
> implementations

I think Zach and AdrianB are focusing on this and making progress.

> o   Widening the scope of our published work (HTTP API, additional 
> payment methods)

Dave Longley and I are volunteering to do the HTTP API and Core
Messages. Matt has volunteered to do SEPA and generalize the Payment
Method spec writing approach.

So, we can (and should) work on things in parallel and not block people
that are motivated to work on particular specs.

-- manu

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