Proposed agenda for our call tomorrow (28th April at 16h00 UTC)


Please find below our current proposed agenda. We have a lot of work to do as a group. Adrian and I would like to focus our efforts if at all possible, which is why we'd like to propose some working priorities as laid out in the agenda. But this is our group collectively, so we welcome your thoughts.

         Priorities (proposed, in order) [10 minutes]

o   Extensibility (and specifically payment app registration and architecture for browser-payment-api)

o   Moving published working drafts forward and supporting implementations

o   Widening the scope of our published work (HTTP API, additional payment methods)

         Face-to-face meeting update [5 minutes]

o   Original tentative workshop dates: 29-30 June clashed with W3C blockchain workshop

o   Looking for non-conflicting FTF meeting in July in London

o   Possible dates are:

  Wednesday 13th July and Thursday 14th July

  Monday 18th July and Tuesday 19th July

  Tuesday 19th July and Wednesday 20th July

o   Questionnaire at

         Issue discussion (AHB) [45 minutes]

o   AHB continues to triage and we intend to mark issues to be discuss with "28th April" Milestone in Github

o   Proposals to discuss include:

o   How total amount is passed in

o   Complete()

o   Merging of supported methods and method data

This agenda can be found on the github wiki:

As ever, we really appreciate your time and support. If you can schedule some time to read proposals and issues ahead of the meeting that would be much appreciated.

Nick (and on behalf of Adrian HB)
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