Re: [w3c/webpayments] New Architecture Proposal (#125)

-1 for this proposal. I think it mixes levels.

I support an "overview" document that provides:

* Information about what the user experience will be
* A big picture of the key roles that are involved, notably mediator and payment app
  (The flow diagram, which I have some issues which, is helpful in that regard.)
* An explanation of the set of specs that define the space.

This proposal does some of those things, but also does "too much." 

All the bits about computation and processing should not go in an architecture document.
Those are intended for software. (I also have issues with those descriptions, but I'll
make those comments separately since I think they belong in a different spec or specs.)

Another notes: There is a glossary of terms, but then terms are redefined multiple times throughout the specification.

I think we need an overview that explains to people the pieces and how they function together at a high level. Specific instructions (especially if related to conformance) belong in a different document.


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