Re: [w3c/webpayments] New Architecture Proposal (#125)

@ianbjacobs said:

> I support an "overview" document that provides:

This is not intended to be an "overview" document. It is a technical document that defines the primary roles in the architecture (mediator and app) and the key concept of a payment method.

This is intended to be a REC track document (not a note). There should be separate documents that specify how to implement these roles in specific deployment scenarios and this should be a normative dependency of those.

The If you feel we still need an "overview" document then that should be a separate WG note titled something like "Overview" and include content such as:

> * Information about what the user experience will be
> * An explanation of the set of specs that define the space.

With regard to:

> Specific instructions (especially if related to conformance) belong in a different document.

I disagree. We need to record somewhere the specifics of how a conformant payment app and a conformant payment mediator must behave. We can repeat this for every implementation specific spec or have this in a single place and refer to it from those implementation specific specs.

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