N-ary Data Predicates

Hi folks,

Now that Easy Keys are in the "bake" stage (i.e., we've reach  
consenus (with appropraite reservations) and have spec text in  
specs), the next most mature proposal to fill a capability hole is n- 
ary data predicates.

A reminder of use cases:

The current draft of a proposal (needs a tart up to match new specs):

For at least linear inequations, we have implementation, indeed,  
commercial experience in the form of Racer Pro.

Finally, the only general objector to n-ary per se (HP) has withdrawn  
that objection. So I think we're no longer in need of reaching  
consensus on the basic facility, but on exactly what we'll spec and  

So, at this point, it seems to me that its a good time for people to  
review the situation and ask questions. If there are details you'd  
like to know more on, please let me know.


Received on Tuesday, 17 June 2008 14:03:36 UTC