Re: I've extended the specification with easy keys (ACTION-160)

On 16 Jun 2008, at 21:14, Boris Motik wrote:
> Hads up, contrary to Bijan's suggestion, I haven't introduced a  
> nonterminal production KeyPropertyExpression that would
> be a superclass for ObjectPropertyExpression and  
> DataPropertyExpression. Introducing another class seemed like quite  
> a bit of
> overhead, particularly that you need to syntactically distinguish  
> object from data property expressions in the semantics and in
> various other places. Instead, in the RDF mapping and semantics  
> document, I chose to refer to the axiom as KeyFor( OPE1 ... OPEm
> DPE1 ... DPEm CE ). Although this seems to suggest that all object  
> properties should come before all data properties, this is not
> the intended meaning; in fact, the syntax allows for interleaving  
> object and data properties.

Yeah, I tried that but got stuck on the implied meaning. Works though  
if it's all a set anyway.


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