RE: Agenda for TC 2008-06-04

Ivan Herman wrote on Wednesday, June 04, 2008:

>3. If we decide to have a separate XML Namespace URI, I also proposed
>as an alternative which, though a bit long, makes the relationship
>between the two much clearer.

This URI looks fair to me. It's clear that OWL's XML syntax is meant. And if 
someone knows the OWL URI, then it's easy to remember what the XML URI is.

What I would like to see in the longer term is some general naming conventions 
provided by the W3C, which help working groups to rapidly find proper names. 
This whole discussion about this XML URI takes much too long. And it is by far 
not the only naming issue we have to resolve...


>Sorry for the longish mail (again...)
>Tracker: this is related to issue-109

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