Re: Representation of Negative Assertions in OWL 1.0

On Jun 8, 2008, at 3:35 PM, Kashyap, Vipul wrote:

>>> Individual(Sarkozy type(Restriction(isPresidentOf allValuesFrom
>>> (complementOf(oneOf(USA))))))
>> what about:
>> Individual(Sarkozy
>> type(ObjectComplementOf(ObjectAllValuesFrom(isPresidentOf
>> ObjectOneOf(USA))))) ???

It may be intuitive, but I don't believe it captures what you want.  
It says that Sarkozy can't only be the the president of the USA.  
However he could be president of both the USA and France.

I've put these examples in an OWL file. If you classify it you will  
see that the previous two expressions (from earlier emails) are  
determined to be equivalent, and that there is no inconsistency in  
making Sarkozy a president of both USA and France, as I have done in  
the example.


> IMHO, the above representation is more intuitive than the  
> representations
> proposed by Alan and I and corresponds, in my mind, to the "closest"
> representation to the negative assertion 'Sarkozy is not the  
> President of the
> USA"
> Of course all these are logically equivalent representations, but  
> they have
> different connotations to the non-logically oriented subject matter
> expert/ontology engineer.
> This is precisely, why the syntactic sugar is a very good value add.
> ---Vipul
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