For namespace reuse


Sorry I missed last week. I'd like to put in a plea for reusing:
everywhere possible, including the OWL/XML serialization format.

As it stands, we often have way too many namespaces just to get off  
the ground (rdf, rdfs, owl, and xsd!). (I can't remember *any* of  
them.) Given that there will be absolutely no confusing qnames of  
elements and uris of properties and classes, I think we should  
default to minimizing extra syntactic noise.

At the very least, I think we need a very strong argument or set of  
arguments, preferably grounded in reasonable common behavior.

I saw from the minutes that some people suggested that people will  
click on the namespace. First, I don't think that's particularly  
common, anywhere. Second, I have no problem putting up RDDL document  
at the OWL namespace (indeed, that's where it should be). So I don't  
see that case is worth the tax of Yet Another OWL URI. Even if people  
do do it, it's typically seldom. Whereas managing several uris in  
headers is far more common (or if it isn't, then something has gone  
very wrong!)


Received on Tuesday, 3 June 2008 00:29:42 UTC