RE: [Full] another minor issue with OWL Full/ rdfs:Datatype vs owl:DataRange

On May 14, Jeremy Carroll answered to Peter F. Patel-Schneider:

>Peter F. Patel-Schneider wrote:
>> I don't think that the rationale was that owl:DataRange was a synonym
>> for rdfs:Datatype, just that there was no reason not to make it a
>> synonym.
>> The OWL Full semantics allows for lots and lots of data ranges, both
>> finite and infinite, and doesn't require them to belong to
>> rdfs:Datatype.  I believe that the OWL 2 Full semantics could easily
>> define owl:DataRange to be equivalent to rdfs:Datatype, with no real
>> change to how data ranges or data types work.
>agreed - except OWL Full requires any finite class of literals to be a
>an rdfs:Datatype - but that's pedantry

I had a look at my previous analysis [1] on owl:DataRange in OWL 1 Full. Based 
on this, I think that it's reasonable to make owl:DataRange equivalent to 
rdfs:Datatype. More precisely: I suggest to define the class extension of 
owl:DataRange to equal IDC, which happens to also be the class extension of 
rdfs:Datatype. Technically, there is no problem to follow this approach, since 
OWL 1 Full actually does not say what the class extension of owl:DataRange is.

I have made a few notes on the suggested changes in [2].


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[2] <>

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