Proposal to resolve Issue-130, Issue-131 and Issue-116

 From our discussion at yesterday's teleconf [1] I gathered that most  
people are happy with the restructured Profiles document [2] and the  
draft of the conformance definitions [3]. This has the additional  
advantage that, if we resolve Issue-116 along the lines we discussed  
(i.e., by *not* mandating the inclusion of RDF axiomatic triples and  
entailment rules in the RL/RDF rule set), then implementations can  
still add these triples and rules without becoming non-conformant.

Regarding conformance, the suggestion was to leave the conformance  
definitions in the Test document (as per OWL 1), with references to  
this in the OWL RL definition where necessary, but to rename this  
document "Conformance and Testing". It seems very natural for  
conformance definitions and test cases to be together, and this also  
avoids fragmenting and/or repeating the conformance definitions.

I would therefore propose that we resolve these three issues as follows:

1) Unify OWL-R DL and OWL-R Full as per the restructured Profiles  
document [2].
2) Rename "Test" as "Conformance and Testing", and add the draft  
conformance definitions [3] as Section 2 of that document.
3) Add some text to the description of the RL/RDF rule set [4]  
stating that the RDF axiomatic triples and entailment rules are not  
required (because of possible performance problems), but can be added  
without compromising conformance.



Received on Thursday, 28 August 2008 17:01:38 UTC