Re: ACTION-193: Effort needed for implementing a resolution of ISSUE-136

On Wed, 2008-08-13 at 21:36 +0200, Michael Schneider wrote:

> * RDF mapping from Functional Syntax to RDF: none (can remain as is, because
> the old owl:distinctMembers property would still be available)
> * Reverse RDF mapping: The reverse-mapping will need one new entry in table
> 15, "Parsing of Axioms", which is:
>     RDF:
>         _:x rdf:type owl:AllDifferent
>         _:x owl:members T(SEQ x1 ... xn) 	
>     FS:
>         DifferentIndividuals( x1 ... xn )
> That's the analog entry to the one which is already there for
> 'owl:distinctMembers'. So it's mainly copy&paste.

I apologize for missing the telecon discussion of ISSUE-136.  I have one
clarifying question.

If the FS->RDF mapping for different individuals does not change, then
how would such ontologies be produced to then be mapped RDF->FS?  I.e.,
this appears to be a reverse mapping for RDF that does not exist now,
and will not exist in the future unless someone goes out of their way to
add it by hand, just because we put this in.  What am I missing?

Mike Smith

Clark & Parsia

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