RE: AW: Peter's slides about the MOF metamodel


 >  Either:

 >  1) The Model is presented in one place, and portion of a document
 >  that defines a syntax explicitly gives how one maps from the syntax
 >  to the model or

This assumes we have one metamodel for multiple syntaxes, see disucssion
with Bijan.

 >  2) The Model that is presented interleaved with the functional style
 >  syntax models that syntax.

This is the case in the syntax document.  A model of that particular
syntax is inteleaved with the rest of the documentation on that syntax.

 >  The current situation asks for confusion. We have two different  
 >  things presented as if they are one.

Sorry, didn't follow, are #1 and #2 the two things we're currently


Received on Tuesday, 5 August 2008 20:46:09 UTC