Links to implementation lists

The OWL 1.0 Guide:

Contains in the Status section the following text:

"""A list of implementations is available."""

Where "implementations" is linked to the follow page:

Which, in spite of the qualifications in the heading (which are not  
reflected in the page title, btw) are fairly misleading, e.g.,:

"""Pellet is an OWL Lite reasoner in Java (complete owl lite  
consistency checker Hendler/Parsia 15Sep)."""

Third hit for me: 

Ah, this link is included in *all* (nearly all?) the documents  
(because of boilerplate status sections). That seems very  
undesirable. Indeed, I would love it if we could either update the  
implementations page (and have some hope of continued updatedness),  
or have the page radically trimmed with a "This page got so out of  
date as to be seriously misleading. If you want access to the  
historical page, see blah."


Received on Monday, 3 December 2007 12:40:39 UTC