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Bijan Parsia <> writes:
> Ah, this link is included in *all* (nearly all?) the documents  
> (because of boilerplate status sections). That seems very  
> undesirable. Indeed, I would love it if we could either update the  
> implementations page (and have some hope of continued updatedness),  
> or have the page radically trimmed with a "This page got so out of  
> date as to be seriously misleading. If you want access to the  
> historical page, see blah."

Ugh, yeah.  My inclination is for us to make a wiki page for
implementations and redirect the above page to it.  It would be a wiki
page that would live past the end of this WG, maintained as a public
wiki page.  (IE, it would be writable to everyone, not just WG members,
and people who care about it would have to subscribe so they can watch
for hostile changes.)

My inclination is to make the redirect at the HTTP level (301 Moved
Permanently), but if people are attached to the content on WebOnt/impls,
we could leave it intact and just put a prominent alert box on the page,
pointing people at the new wiki implementations page.

Another option is to just use
My guess is that we want a page focussed in more detail on OWL
implementations and that we have the energy to maintain it.

       -- Sandro

Received on Monday, 3 December 2007 13:03:32 UTC