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GLOBALEX 2016 workshop summary and next steps

From: Ilan Kernerman <ilan@kdictionaries.com>
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2016 07:15:21 +0000
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(Apologies for cross-posting)

The GLOBALEX workshop on Lexicographic Resources for Human Language Technology was held as part of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC 2016) at Portoro¾, Slovenia, on May 24, including approximately 60 participants. The organizing committee consisted of the presidents and vice-presidents of Afrilex, Asialex, Australex, DSNA and Euralex, and two co-organizers of eLex, with the actual working group including Ilan Kernerman, Iztok Kosem, Lars Trap-Jensen and Simon Krek. The program committee (including about 40 members) selected 16 papers out of 24 submissions, each having 15 minutes for presentation plus 5 minutes for questions. More details are available on the workshop website http://ailab.ijs.si/globalex/, and the workshop proceedings are available at http://lrec-conf.org/proceedings/lrec2016/workshops/LREC2016Workshop-GLOBALEX_Proceedings.pdf.

The workshop featured a roundtable discussion about possible next steps for GLOBALEX. It lasted about 90 minutes and had about 30 participants. The first part was moderated by Simon and consisted of a brief presentation of each member organization, including four in person, by Sonja Bosch (Afrilex), Ilan (Asialex), Lars (Euralex) and Iztok (eLex), a video by Julia Miller (Australex), and live Skype participation by Edward Finegan (DSNA). The second part was moderated by Ilan and consisted of an open discussion with those present including Ed by Skype. The main issues that emerged are the following:

*         The discussion did not aim to reach decisions but to explore and brainstorm relevant issues

*         All the associations and the individuals present welcomed the formation of GLOBALEX as an umbrella constellation to enhance worldwide cooperation and exchange on lexicography

*         The organizations began to cooperate in this vein by co-organizing this GLOBALEX workshop

*         The five continental associations have also already reached a consensus on running together a new GLOBALEX website, to which each will contribute USD 20 a year to cover hosting fees

*         The new permanent GLOBALEX website http://globalex.link is planned to go live in mid-2016, and it remains to be seen how to eventually develop and maintain the contents of the website

*         The site could function as a repository and link conference proceedings, presentations, slides and videos, post news, announcements, offers, etc., and include a donate button

*         It is hoped to run GLOBALEX as a lean and non-bureaucratic network, though some working body is needed to supervise its operations, including a representative of each association

*         GLOBALEX will be open to the participation of any local (e.g. Chinalex, Nordic Association of Lexicography, Spanish Association of Lexicographic Studies), special topic (e.g. International Society for Historical Lexicography and Lexicology), or other lexicography-minded communities, and will serve to promote the members' activities

*         The major issue of holding conferences could be fulfilled by combining various models, such as:

o   Video-record talks at regional conferences and post them on the GLOBALEX website

o   Minimize or avoid meetings scheduled across the world at the same time

o   Promote meeting in person whenever and wherever possible

o   Have GLOBALEX sessions as part of regional conferences

o   Welcome the interest in holding GLOBALEX sessions shown by Afrilex and Australex

o   Advance the DSNA offer to hold a GLOBALEX session at the 2017 meeting in Barbados

o   Organize virtual conferences that help to keep costs low, facilitate the participation of those from distant places or with fewer resources, take advantage of available technology, and attain wider dissemination of information worldwide

o   Ultimately hold face-to-face GLOBALEX Olympic conferences every few years
The 4-member working group of the GLOBALEX workshop's organizing committee proposes to pursue its operation - with the addition of one liaison each from Afrilex, Australex and DSNA - for two years, with the aim of starting to implement the goals described above and serving as a preparatory committee to set the ground for further activities of GLOBALEX.

This report will be submitted to the executive boards of the five continental associations and to the eLex conference organizers, and be distributed on mailing lists to reach wider audiences and promote further feedback and participation.

Thank you for your support!

Ilan, Simon, Lars, Iztok, and Ed
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