Re: [All] review draft agenda, preparation call 1 March 1-3 p.m. UTC (Friday this week)

Hi Jirka, all,

for the review two aspects are important:
- have the done our work items defined in the dow?
- have the done other cool stuff?
validation is IMO one of the coolest outcome: it will be visible for 
ordinary web users, will be available for a long time, and will help a 
lot to do the right thing: for content / metadata creators and 
consumers. We already learned that during the test suite work.

I have updated the draft agenda, see below
including open issues like the validation topic.
I took up Pedro's suggestion to align this with the posters. Comments? 
If the agenda is fine for you, please prepare presentations for our 
review "dry" run on Friday.



Am 27.02.13 14:49, schrieb Jirka Kosek:
> On 27.2.2013 11:32, Felix Sasaki wrote:
>> open points are:
>> - who would cover Jirka / validation?
> Validation wasn't part of any WP so it's probably not necessary to cover
> it in a great detail. I think that showing validation results of some
> broken HTML file in will do the job from the users perspective.
> UEP is also responsible for delivering ITS enabled customization of
> DocBook and DITA. As schema is not stable yet -- there will be changes
> resulting from LC comments -- I haven't worked on this. But once DoC for
> LC is done I'm planning to update base ITS schemas, schemas used for
> HTML validation and create ITS-aware versions of DocBook and DITA.
>     Jirka

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