Request: describe also what is *not* working

Hi all (= review contributors) again,

I have one request which probably sounds strange, but please give it a 

In your perperations for Luxembourg, please describe also what is *not* 
(yet) working, both technically and on the business side.

The aim of MLW-LT (LT-Web) is not to solve all problems. It is to 
provide implementations that show usefulness of metadata, and to do 
standardization around it. Naturally issues come up - some that I am 
aware of:

- relation to XLIFF + implementations demonstrating the relation. As I 
understand it, the XLIFF mapping is still under discussion and hence 
implementations that showcase the mapping cannot yet be finalized exist. 
Do we expect them to be finalized before the end of the project?

- relation to HTML, see our new issue-118.

- usage of ITS metadata for machine translation training - will we be 
able to demonstrate the value or won't we have enough data?

- "your" issues, your upcoming topics / implementation tasks?

I don't see it as a problem at all that we don't have resolved above 
issues yet. And I'd prefer to bring the issues onto the table asap 
(hence this mail to the public list, no offline mail) and to say what is 
not yet working - also and esp. in front of our reviewers. We still have 
time and there should be still resources to continue implementation work 
by late 2013.

This request is also related to the customer showcases: if your 
customers say "the metadata is totally useless for us", we have a 
problem. If they say "it was useful to some extend, but not as much as 
we would have expected" - that's ok, as long as we know why and what 
should be different.

I hope that you agree with above approach and can reflect that on Friday 
- let me know otherwise.



Received on Wednesday, 27 February 2013 19:35:38 UTC