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Fwd: [Agenda] MLW-LT call 4 February, 3 p.m. UTC

From: Dave Lewis <dave.lewis@cs.tcd.ie>
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Meeting startng in 5 minutes. Unfortunately Felix is sick, but I will be 

talk to you in a bit,

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0) Timeline

If we want to finish the last call before Rome, we need to distribute 
work. See the related topic 3) "distribution of action items" below.

1) Test suite update, again

Checking http://tinyurl.com/its20-testsuite-dashboard again. At the moment,

this has 52% run. We said during last call that M3 (all tests run) is 
fine by Monday and that we exclude disambiguation. Again, please let us 
know asap if there are issues with Monday. We don't want to face more delay.

2) Links: real life usage and download

Implementers, please bring what you already have to the meeting - during 
this slot we'll ask you to paste it into IRC for others to have a look. 
If you don't have it yet please let us know a time line or a "to be made 
life" link.

3) Action item health check



Goal: try to re-distribute action items. All, please have a look at 
above list and see what you can take on. Critical actions for moving 
issues forward:

- regex definition issue-67 acton for Shaun 

- text for unicode normalization and best practices action for Shaun 

- domain comments issue-75 action for Christian 

- terminology and disambiguation issue-68 action for Tadej 

4) Minutes and Felix' comments


any questions about the comments? Goal: make sure that WG comments 
are"on the table". This is a left over from last meeting, but there are 
still open comments. Pasting them here:


 >FS: Christian, would such a BP note also help with your concerns about 
the NIF conversion? See your comment 3a at


in that you mail "have to consider". But you don't say "require", "make 
a testable assertation", "provide tests" etc. Can you clarify whether a 
note would be sufficent?

Also as a reply to issue-85, 3b: if your answer to my question is 
"require", "make a testable assertation": why? We of course won't to be 
good citiczens with regards to normalization, but why require more than 
XQuery, XPath, HTML5, SPARQL ...?


5) How to move forward with disambiguation vs term issue-67?

A place-holder since very likely we again won't have the three key 
people for this (Christian, Marcis, Tadej) on the same call. See the 
latest state on this at

6) issue-110 precedence between xml:lang and lang
 From this issue a discussion on support of XHTML came up, see
Goal: clarifiy the support question and xml:lang support / need for 
precedence statement.
An implication of not having precedence might be that we remove this 
XHTML test file again

7) issue-115 SHOULD and SHOULD NOT examples
See changes needed for sec. 6.2 and sec. 7
Related: use of ITS in SVG / MathML / other vocabularies, see
Need for implementers change? See Mauricio's mail at

8) Other issues
Many issues are waiting for edits, mails to commentors or replies from 
commentors. Do you see issues that are not on this agenda and that need 

Also, I may have missed points for the issue-110 and issue-115, please 

9) AOB


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