MLW-LT minutes 2012-11-29 and Doodle poll about 1/2 virtual f2f meetings

Hi all,

minutes of today's call are at and below as text.

Since we want to move forward to last call (= feature completeness and a
stable spec) by the end of November, we decided to schedule a few 1/2 day
virtual f2f meetings. Please enter your availibility at
We will need at least three people for such a call to be able to move
things forward. I added my name so that we have at leats one editor who can
edit the spec right away.



Felix Sasaki
DFKI / W3C Fellow



                               - DRAFT -

                               MWL-LT WG

29 Oct 2012



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          Yves, Pedro, Felix, Des, olaf




     * [4]Topics
         1. [5]agenda
         2. [6]open issues
         3. [7]issue-52
         4. [8]aob
     * [9]Summary of Action Items

   <scribe> scribe: tbd




   felix: any thoughts on the agenda draft?

   yves: agenda looks good, need to talk about the tests

   felix: should we split sessions?

   dave: hard to deal with

   felix: will have one room, rather larger

   pedro: objective is to resolve implementation issues
   ... open issues about metadata definitions are not in focus

   felix: focus on 1st day for implementaitons, 2nd day for open
   spec issues



   felix: what is the feeling about timeeline, the milestones

   revision of M2: "M2 (every implementor has run at least one
   global and one local test file, one XML and one HTML as well -
   by 15 December)"

   dave: if people don't do HTML or XML, they won't do parts of
   the above, but if they committ to things, they need to do it

   yves: milestones fine with me





   "review implementation isssues"

   yves: people on the call are the one who have listed issues

   felix: what is the state of phil (vistatec) implementation?

   dave: seen in seattle last week, again javascript based data
   for review
   ... not sure about implementation progress

   <scribe> ACTION: daveL to check implementation status from phil
   [recorded in

open issues



   felix: what are the most pressing issues in your opinion?

   yves: resolve the problem of the two reference mechanisms
   ... the "tool" issue, issue-42
   ... the other one: what to do with pointer attributes in global

   dave: that overlaps with XLIFF mapping

   yves: we have provenance and localization note
   ... these are natural have standoff markup
   ... for disambiguation it might be nice to have, but to be
   decided for the data category owners

   felix: about XLIFF, should we just wait?

   yves: the people in the XLIFF TC will promote that topic, hope
   that in a few days we will have an idea about the direction

   dave: need to decide in Lyon what we will do in ITS

   yves: we should assume that XLIFF will have "mrk" extension

   "ed. note"

   <scribe> ACTION: felix to make a doodle poll for 1/2 day calls
   in November [recorded in








   yves: no discussion on algorithm since it has been posted
   ... need to make sure that test cases have the algorithm build

   felix: could we close this and see what the test cases say?

   dave: ankit and leroy will be in Lyon to discuss this

   pedro: maurico is working on this
   ... mauricio will try to test this before thursday
   ... in real time system we will do it too



   "session 0: "

   "session 4: spec review from Mārcis Pinnis, and review of
   editoral notes in spec"


   felix: nothing, see or hear you soon in Lyon

Summary of Action Items

   [NEW] ACTION: daveL to check implementation status from phil
   [recorded in
   [NEW] ACTION: felix to make a doodle poll for 1/2 day calls in
   November [recorded in

   [End of minutes]

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