RE: XLIFF-ITS minutes and comments (Re: [ISSUE 55] log from friday's call to review its-xliff mapping)

Hi David, all,

> - I would advise against re-opening disambiugation, e.g.
> with allowing standoff here too. Given that we have four 
> weeks to go to last call and from the implementors point of 
> view (currently Tadej) this data category is stable, we 
> should not invest more time on it. There is too much other stuff 
> on the plate. So in essence, drop 

Related to Felix's note above: The sooner we get the proposal for extension in mrk is done the XLIFF TC, the better.

If we have extensions allowedin mrk, then the mapping becomes just a matter of choosing between native ITS or the 3rd namespace, and only use stand-off if the ITS data categories allowing it. Basically, things that could be done after November if needed.

The next TC meeting is the week after next, maybe you can get things rolling as soon as Monday with an email?


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