Re: issue-51 too many global rules

On 23/10/2012 13:55, Yves Savourel wrote:
> Without at least a way to point to an attribute that has a reference 
> to the stand-off markup, we cannot map (meaningfully) any data 
> category used with stand-off markup in formats that can’t use an ITS 
> attribute (like XLIFF 2.0). Note that we don’t necessarily need to 
> have pointers for all attributes, just for the attribute used as a 
> reference. So, for example Localization Quality Issue could have a 
> global rule made of only a selector and locQualityIssuesRefPointer (I 
> think).
Hi Yves,
To clarify,
1) by "formats that can’t use an ITS attribute" you mean format that 
can't use ITS attribute in certain places, if they can't use them at all 
its pointers don't help

2) is there a whole class of such formats (can XML schema validation per 
say prevent this?) or is this something particular to XLIFF 2.0? If the 
latter, then this adds urgency to addressing the ITS mapping to resolve 
this pointer issue right?


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