Re: [ISSUE-22] Provenance and Agents

Comment below on 'items'

On 25/10/2012 23:36, Felix Sasaki wrote:
> Hi Dave, all,
> 2012/10/26 Dave Lewis < <>>
>     Hi Yves,
>     I don't see immediately why not. 'Items' is nice and neutral
>     But would it not be easier to retain the item element name from
>     the different data categories? e.g.
>     <its:items id="1">
>          <its:locQualityIssue locQualityIssueType="misspelling"
>                 locQualityIssueComment="'c'es' is unknown. Could be
>     'c'est'"
>                 locQualityIssueSeverity="50"/>
>          <its:translationProvenanceRecord
>     transToolRef=""
>     <>
>                 transOrg="acme-CAT-v2.3"
>                 transRevToolRef=""
>     <>
>                 transRevOrg="acme-CAT-v2.3"
>     provRef=""
>     <>/>
>     </its:items>
> Yves wrote at
> "We said we should have a single root element in each script. So you 
> would just have several scripts if you have several stand-off references."
> To resolve my concern
> See "Could this create a conflict".
> What you do above does create the conflict, in terms of
> - conformance (does an implementation just implementing locquality 
> issue need to pass all information, 
> including its:translationProvenanceRecord, or throw it away?), or in 
> terms of
> - precedence ("I am implementing locquality issue globally, 
> and translationProvenance locally - what do I do if there is in one 
> script element both information?).
> So I think we need to keep separate items elements.
OK, so to confirm, do we go with:

"An element|items|(or|<span items>|in HTML) which contains:


    One or more elementsitem(or|<span its-item>|in HTML), each of which


        At least one of the following attributes:


            A|locQualityIssueType|attribute that implements thetype


            A|locQualityIssueComment|attribute that implements
            thecomment information


        An optional|locQualityIssueSeverity|attribute that implements
        theseverity information


        An optional|locQualityIssueProfileRef|attribute that implements
        theprofile reference information


        An optional|locQualityIssueEnabled|attribute that implements
        theenabled information

    Do you think we need then an explicit statement ruling out mixing
    data categories in the same item?

    Also, I'm not sure if using its:locQualityIssue or
    its:translationProvenanceRecord instead of its:item would help
    address Yves' point

"The only drawback (if you can call that one) is that you would not know 
in a single operation what data category the <its:items/its:records> 
element holds if you are looking at it without looking from the content 
referencing them. But that's probably not a big problem"?

I'm asking primarily to nail this down for the provenance data category 

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