[All - important for all new ITS 2.0 data categories] feature freeze - last call preparation

Hi all,

our charter says that we will have a feature freeze in November. Currently
many data categories are still under discussion. I see no stability for:

Domain proposal for local domain
Translation Agent Provenance
Text Analysis Annotation
MT Confidence score
Localization Quality Precis and Localization Quality Issue

Some reasons for unstability are explained at

I propose to mark all data categories at the beginning of next week as
"dropped". They will then only be marked as part of the "last call feature
set" again if the issues are resolved by the end of November.

Data category holders and users then should take a serious effort in
November to move the issues (which are sometimes small, sometimes bigger)
forward. I'm happy to organize related smaller f2f or virtual meetings as
needed, but I will focus on directionality and ruby (which very likely will
just refer to HTML5) and the general quality of the draft in the normative
sections - the non-normative parts probably will have to wait until the end
of last call.

This should not keep people from working on topics like the XLIFF mapping,
which is an important part of stabilizing the data categories. It is just a
timeline that we need to take into account.



Received on Wednesday, 24 October 2012 21:50:18 UTC