Re: [ACTION-252]: Follow up with XLIFF mapping call time (MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group)

David, all,

since I probably can't be on the call, here is a comment no the plan. Feel
free to involve the XLIFF TC if needed.

2012/10/22 Dr. David Filip <>

> Dear all, this is to follow up with the time for ITS 2.0 breakout
> teleconference on ITS mapping onto XLIFF (1.2 and 2.0) that we want to have
> this coming Friday.
> The 60min conference will take place at 8am PDT, 4pm IST, 4pm UTC, 5pm
> CEST [dial in details below], It is organized by the W3C MultilingualWeb-LT
> Working Group and will be minuted on IRC. Minutes will be posted as draft
> at the public WG wiki for review and subsequently approved as meeting
> minutes  of record.
> At the public info-session the XLIFF TC held last week (Monday Oct 15) on
> Microsoft campus in Redmond, W3C MultilingualWeb-LT members proposed to
> create a mapping from ITS to XLIFF.
> The mapping in progress is here
> The aim is to freeze this by mid November

This seems unrealistic to me. We cannot freeze moving targets - from the
table and open issues list:

- local "domain" attribute: no agreement yet and no implementor commitment
- translation, revision and standoff provenance: at the moment not separate
data categories in ITS, but in the table
- mt confidence and tool information issue-42 in general
- too many global rules issue-51
- various pending design decisions in ITS that could influence the XLIFF
mapping, see e.g. this ed. note: "[Ed. note: The following statement is not
correct anymore, e.g. Localization Quality Issue, applied globally allows
for something like locQualityIssuesRef and locQualityIssuesTypePointer at
the same locQualityIssueRule element. Should this be changed or should the
statement be dropped?]"

Getting to W3C last call in November is already a challenge, given above
issues and many other editors notes in the spec. Yves wrote at
that finalizing the XLIFF mapping is a requirement to get to last call.
That's OK by my only if a) we resolve above issues before b) finalizing the
XLIFF mapping.

So what do we do if we don't get to a) and b) by mid November? Please
record on the Friday call that I would object against moving forward with
the XLIFF mapping if a) is not resolved. And I am rather pessimistic that
we will resolve it by mid November, given the slow progress in the last
weeks. I know that this is due to other work (conferences etc.), but it
doesn't change the situation. I'm all for an XLIFF mapping, but not without
doing our own homework first.



> and elaborate details by the end of 2012. XLIFF P&L SC will monitor this
> activity and report back to the TC as required.
> *Please forward to other interested parties* [@Peter, I do not seem to
> have Monika's e-mail..]
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> Thanks dF
> Dial in details, IRC channel: mlw-lt
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> Time.
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