[ISSUE-55] XLIFF - ITS mapping

Hi all,
First thanks to Yves for starting the mapping page at:

We discussed this in a breakout session at the public section of the 
XLIFF PC today. the aim was to flesh this out further by mid Nov, just 
to make sure there were no hidden problems with the important use case 
that might impact the ITs draft.

Concretely we will break down the the mapping work per data category to 
named individuals just to make sure we get proper coverage and to save 
Yves having to do all of this important work itself. Please put you name 
against some of the data categories if you'd be willing to help.

It was pointed out that mapping to both XLIFF 1.2 and XLIFF 2.0 are 
important. Also, it was noted that while some ITS tags map to exisitng 
its meta data, some do not and some also map differently if they have a 
structural scope rather than being related to a fragement of text within 
an element. So therefore the mapping will be a mix of mapping from TIS 
to XLIFF meta-data and also use of meta-data with XLIFF elements, 
withing the constraints of the specficiations. It is therefore unlikely 
that ITS tags can be applied to XLIFF using the rules for default, 
inherience and overriding.


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