Re: Sections for HTML local implementation?

On Wed, 2012-10-10 at 10:58 +0200, Jirka Kosek wrote:
> On 10.10.2012 10:47, Felix Sasaki wrote:
> > I agree that having the table in an appendix wouldn't make sense. Also,
> > there is a huge overlap between the table in sec. 6.1 and your table. And
> > finally, Jirka is addressing the "how to work with HTML5" in a separate
> > section too.
> Hi all,
> actually what I was going to write down in a couple of hours was
> dedicated section defining how local "XML" markup is used in HTML5 --
> using its-*-* instead of camelCased attribute names, constant values are
> case insensitive in HTML5, etc.
> I think that one such generic section should be enough, especially if we
> will have table listing all local data categories together with
> corresponding HTML5 attribute name somewhere in the spec.
> I understand that having special HTML5 section parallel to GLOBAL/LOCAL
> sections can be more digestable to readers of spec but it will be almost
> verbatim copy of LOCAL section -- and keeping those two pieces
> synchronized seems as a lot of additional work with not a big gain.

This is true. Another option is to just always also mention the
HTML attribute name, like so:

 * A locQualityPrecisScore attribute in XML, or an
   its-loc-quality-precis-score attribute in HTML.
   Its value is...

Wordy and formulaic, but factually accurate.

> I think that if we want to server HTML5 community we can create separate
> document (Note or Rec) which will talk only about ITS in HTML5. It
> should reference ITS 2.0 and define syntax of its-* attributes on top of
> this.

That sounds nice. Part of the problem is that people have to use
the spec as user documentation, because there's really not much
else out there on ITS. That's a problem worth addressing, but I
guess it's outside this WG's charter.


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