Re: Sections for HTML local implementation?

On 10.10.2012 10:47, Felix Sasaki wrote:

> I agree that having the table in an appendix wouldn't make sense. Also,
> there is a huge overlap between the table in sec. 6.1 and your table. And
> finally, Jirka is addressing the "how to work with HTML5" in a separate
> section too.

Hi all,

actually what I was going to write down in a couple of hours was
dedicated section defining how local "XML" markup is used in HTML5 --
using its-*-* instead of camelCased attribute names, constant values are
case insensitive in HTML5, etc.

I think that one such generic section should be enough, especially if we
will have table listing all local data categories together with
corresponding HTML5 attribute name somewhere in the spec.

I understand that having special HTML5 section parallel to GLOBAL/LOCAL
sections can be more digestable to readers of spec but it will be almost
verbatim copy of LOCAL section -- and keeping those two pieces
synchronized seems as a lot of additional work with not a big gain.

I think that if we want to server HTML5 community we can create separate
document (Note or Rec) which will talk only about ITS in HTML5. It
should reference ITS 2.0 and define syntax of its-* attributes on top of


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