Re: [ISSUE-53] (Empty string for allowedCharacters): Empty string for allowedCharacters [MLW-LT Standard Draft]

On 9.10.2012 15:17, Yves Savourel wrote:

> During the call we mentioned: allowedCharacters="." (which is currently in the specification as an example)
> And allowedCharacters=".*"
> I think both are wrong.
> I don't think ".*" is a character class as defined here:

Hi, you are right. I forgot that we are using classes only, so * is not

> And "." is a valid pattern for a character class, but corresponds to [^\n\r] no to 'any characters'. (see
> Could we then use ".[\n\r]" for "any characters?

We can't use .[\n\r] as it is not valid class. What we can do is to
redefine "." as matching any character including \n and \r. This should
not pose any harm to implementors as RE libraries usually had flag which
controls whether \n and \r are covered by . (whole string matching, and
line-by-line matching). I think this could be the easiest and cleanest
solution both from the spec and implementation PoV.

Of course I'm looking for Yves counterarguments as he is already typing
relevant Java code to prove that my thinking was wrong :-D


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