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Hi Jirka, all,

I believe the idValue attribute is not the same as the classic pointers we have in other places.

The definition says: "It contains an XPath expression which constructs a string corresponding to the identifier of the node to which this rule applies[ should be located]."

(Note there is a copy/paste error: the words "should be located" at the end should be deleted. I'll fix that).

So the value returned by the XPath expression is not a node where to find the Id value, but the ID value itself. This allows to construct IDs like shown in example 63 (


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I have just noticed two inconsistencies in definition of idValueRule

- idValue attribute is defined as containing XPath expression. It should contain "relative selector" in order to support new queryLanguage

- also should be this attribute named idValuePointer - on all other rule elements attributes pointing to elements containg actual value are suffixed with "Pointer"



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