Provide section on (users and developers of) text analytics [ACTION-223]

Hi, here's my suggestion for the section on users of TA tools in the 
context of ITS2.0.
-- Tadej

These types of users fulfil the role of providing services for automatic 
generation of metadata for improving localization, data integration or 
knowledge management workflows. This class of users comprises of 
developers and integrators of services that automate language technology 
tasks such as domain classification, named entity recognition and 
disambiguation, term extraction, language identification and others. 
These services generate data that contextualizes the raw content with 
more explicit information. This can be used to improve the output 
quality in machine translation systems, search result relevance in 
information retrieval systems, as well as management and integration of 
unstructured data in knowledge management systems.

Received on Friday, 5 October 2012 14:30:11 UTC