Re: ACTION-233: Update quality issue example to use the solution (XML in "script" tag) for standoff markup

On 2.10.2012 11:37, Phil Ritchie wrote:

> Before I can answer the question can you tell me what the motivation for 
> using the script tags is? My demo in Prague used standoff without needing 
> to wrap them in script tags.

The trouble is that HTML5 doesn't have support for including "XML
islands" into it. Only way how to embed custom XML into HTML5 is to
embed it inside <script> element and make sure that your XML doesn't
contain <script> element.

Of course if you use XML or XHTML there is no need for doing such weird

Given the number of things which must be done differently in HTML5 I'm
thinking that having two spec -- one with definition of datacategories
and XML syntax and second defining how to use and map this to HTML5 as
more clean and clear approach.


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