[All updated agenda] Re: [All] AGENDA MLW-LT Call 28 June, 2 p.m. UTC


- added ISSUE-3 per Tadej's mail.

- added a slot about the process how to get consensus on data categories.

- removed ISSUE-12 (segmentation marker) since Arle agreed to close this


See your time at


We will try to go through actions and "low hanging fruit" issues fast with

the goal to close or at least update these. Then we will discuss RDF + ITS

and terminology related data categories (named entity and disambiguation)

in detail.

Note that not every action or issue is on the agenda - we just won't get to

talk about everything and need to bring topics up again next week.


See open actions at


- ACTION-135 Pedro to have Giuseppe to flesh out specialRequirements.

Pedro, can you give a timeline for this? If we don't get input by mid July,

we will need to drop specialRequirements.

- ACTION-126 David to come up with a proposal for mtConfidence. Please

don't forget, this is needed to move mtConfidence to the list of data

categories at



again by mid July.

- ACTION-107 Shaun - can you give an update on the "LocaleFilter" proposal

at http://www.w3.org/TR/2012/WD-its20-20120626/#LocaleFilter

Using the template attached at


? And taking this discussion


into account?

This would close ACTION-107 and contribute to ISSUE-10 "language vs.

locale". If you don't have time, who would volunteer?

- ACTION-141: Table in a staging wiki page to notify current state of all

data categories in terms of consensus and impl comitments. Maybe not needed

in a separate place if we add the information to


This should be update by the co-chairs only.

- ACTION-81 "consider consolidation of author, revisionAgent and

translationAgent" - I closed this one, Dave, since I think we keep track of

this via the provenance section you will provide by mid July - let me know

if you disagree.

- General reminder: we need to move quality discussion forward by mid July,

otherwise the quality related data categories at



at risk to not be on the spec. See also ACTION-113 for this: Dave to

conclude quality discussion with Arle, including examples from existing

implementation in CMS-LION

- General reminder: our plan until September, see


Let the co-chairs know if you have questions.


- Propose to close ISSUE-3 What ontology should describe the metadata
values (entity types)?

Latest mail from Tadej at

- Propose to close ISSUE-23 Re-draft section 7.6. "Removal, Archiving and

Re-integration of ITS mark-up"

see latest mail from Moritz at


- Propose to close ISSUE-1: Low level API to access CMS content, since this

is implementation specific.

- Propose to close "ISSUE-6: Process State" and re-open it after we have

reached ITS last call. See also the discussion at



- Need a volunteer to work on ISSUE-9 id granularity and maintenance

requirements and rules and idValue data category proposal, or drop the

idValue data category proposal.

- ISSUE-13 Cache data category needed and how? Needs two implementations,

any volunteers in addition to Pedro? Otherwise we'll have to close this.

- ISSUE-16 parameter for rules - can be closed as is without any change -


- ISSUE-24: Proposal to change ITS term. Propose to close this, not moving

forward and may be just a best practice for XLIFF+ITS. See


question: is there a need for best practices about the relation between ITS

and XLIFF? That's something we could do in 2013.

PROCESS for deciding about data categories

- Dave mentioned to me that there was confusion about this during the last
call. I will give some clarifications today, please attend if you need more
info. ACTION-141 is also related to that.


- RDF serialization

related action: ACTION-122 Maxime to lead discussion on RDF serialization

in ITS, with "task force" people - Sebastian, Maxime, Dave, ...

Done via



- Terminology discussion at


The separation between terminology, disambiguation and named entity is not

really moving forward. Nevertheless we need this in ITS 2.0.

Talk to you soon,



Felix Sasaki

DFKI / W3C Fellow

Received on Thursday, 28 June 2012 07:34:58 UTC