RE: [All] domain data category section proposal, please review

Hi Felix,
I agree with your proposal. (There are just 2 typos in the examples: ""
in domainPointer attributes.) 
Lucy's MT engine accepts a global SUBJECT_AREAS parameter holding a list
of domain names. Domains are organized in a hierarchy.
Here is a short excerpt (first 2 levels):
  General Vocabulary
    Common Social Voc.
      Art & Literature
      Ecology, Environment Protection
      Economy & Trade
      Law & Legal Science
    Common Technical Voc.
      Agriculture & Fishing
      Civil Engineering
      Data Processing
We will read the meta data and apply the mapping. Of course, the mapping
is specific for the used MT tool.

From: Felix Sasaki [] 
Sent: Montag, 25. Juni 2012 08:48
Subject: [All] domain data category section proposal, please review

Hi all, 

I have created a proposal for the domain data category, see attachment.
This would resolve ISSUE-11, with the input from ACTION-87 taken into

Declan, Thomas, I think this is esp. important for you - we need to know
whether an implementation as described would be feasible and useful for
you. Of course, others, feel welcome to contribute.

Please make comments in this thread - I will use them to provide another
version of the section.



Felix Sasaki 
DFKI / W3C Fellow

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