short report of 2010-03-31 teleconference

Dear all,

There were *just* Yves and I today on the call. So we have obviously a 
problem of time slot if nobody can make the telecon. There has been the 
switch to Daylight Saving time for Europe and USA but now, Conrad and 
Silvia have the telecon one hour earlier which is not convenient for 
them. I would like to change the telecon time so that _everybody_ can 
make it! Please, send me either publicly or privately your hard 
constraint for having telecon on Wednesday so I can figure out which is 
the good timeslot.

Nothing has happened since the F2F and we need to move on. Yves has 3 
outstanding actions (123, 152 and 154) that he would have completed by 
next Tuesday (despite the fact is on holidays). I will make a full pass 
on the document on Tuesday night and I would like we decide to publish a 
new WD on Wednesday during the telecon so that the document can be 
published on Thursday 08/04/2010. Wednesday will therefore be your 
chance to have a motivated objection for not publishing but let's hope 
you will not have one :-)

Among the issues that would be hopefully resolved before the next 
   - ACTION-152: Yves will add back the media segment production and 
complete the grammar. All the constraints cannot be expressed formally, 
so we will have a paragraph that explain in natural language what are 
these additional constraints. There is also the pseudo-algorithm from 
Philip that helps clarifying things. All that must read smoothly. Note 
Philip that Yves attended the IRI F2F meeting and that there is 
outstanding issues when parsing the media fragment URI current syntax 
with the name dimension if the value use strange characters just to know 
which part of the URI is encoded how. So there might be problem with 
your pseudo algorithm, Yves might give more details.
   - ACTION-123: Yves will add a first stab as ABNF syntax for the 
headers. However, we do have an outstanding issue with the so-called 
Range-Equivalent header. Apparently, we cannot add new headers if we 
issue a Range request, and have a 206 Partial Response ... which means, 
the equivalence between bytes and another unit must be encoded into the 
Content-Range and we need to work out the exact syntax!
   - ACTION-154: Yves will add a 4th recipe in the document, where the 
request is expressed in a custom unit such as second, and the answer is 
expressed in seconds too.


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