Update your stylesheet before generating a new HTML version of the spec

Dear all,

I think I have traced back the guilty person: it is either Philip or 
Silvia :-) Some weeks ago, I have updated the stylesheet so that when we 
generate the HTML version out of xmlspec, a red flag (Editor's Draft) is 
displayed instead of the blue flag (Working Draft). This is to answer to 
an earlier comment on the mailing list from someone who was complaining 
that we were using the wrong stylesheet.

However, I noticed that when one of you generate a new HTML version, the 
blue flag is put instead of the red flag, which means you're still using 
the old stylesheet instead of the new one. You just have to check in the 
complete directory to get up-to-date ... so no reason to see again the 
blue flag in a 'Editor's Draft' !


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Received on Friday, 19 March 2010 14:26:01 UTC