Re: 5th F2F meeting: second day summary

2010/3/11 RaphaŽl Troncy <>:
> Dear Silvia,
>> I just read about another F2F. How about matching it with the Open
>> Video Conference, which is planned for the end of June? We are also
>> planning to have a FOMS there, so open software hackers can join that.
> Sounds a good opportunity. Do you know already the location and the precise
> dates? The goal of this F2F would be to make sure we can transition to LC
> which MUST happen in June.

Nothing is fixed yet, because the organisers are trying to reserve a
venue. But it will be in New York and it is planned for 23-27June - we
could do it during OVC 25/26 June or after the end 28/29 June.
Unfortunately, I cannot do before FOMS (23/24 June).


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