5th F2F meeting: second day summary

Dear all,

The minutes of today's F2F meeting are available at: 

We took the following 2 resolutions in the morning:
  # A new resolution that contradicts yesterday's resolution: multiple 
tracks selection will be possible using multiple occurrence of the 
keyword 'track' (e.g.: #track=audio&track=video) ... and *NOT* by a 
comma or semi-colon separated list of values!
  # A new header named 'Content-Range-Mapping' will be introduced, which 
purpose is to expressed a mapping of a Content Range between 2 units 
(e.g. bytes and seconds)
This second objection is pending from a non-objection from  Conrad and 
Philippe who haven't been able to express their view.

The WG is now confident that the syntax for the Media Fragment URI is 
stable. One outstanding ACTION given to Yves is to clean this formally 
in the spec and I will do a pass over the complete document next week in 
order to track any remaining discrepancies.

The WG has done also a lot of work on the headers and the complete 
UA-Server protocol communication. 4 recipes will be described in the 
spec (3 of them are already present in the draft and 4th one will be 
added in the document). See also 

The WG had one full hour discussion on Test Cases. We cover only the 
temporal dimension but we have created around 35 test cases  with their 
result and we are confident that this covers the syntax and semantics of 
what needs to be tested for time. I have an ACTION to create the table 
of all these test cases in the wiki.

Finally, a great demo has been made by Davy. See: 
http://ninsuna.elis.ugent.be/MediaFragmentsPlayer. There is UA (Flash 
player) and a server (Ninsuna) that understands media fragment and can 
already serve and display media fragments using the time, space and 
track dimensions. Enjoy the demo!

Thanks to IBBT for the super-great organization of the F2F meeting!


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