Re: minutes from yesterday and some fixes

2010/3/9 RaphaŽl Troncy <>:
>>> There is one more thing about multiple track names that need to be
>>> discussed
>>> tomorrow morning is whether these should be comma OR semi-colon separated
>>> in
>>> the URI. In the headers, the delimiter will be comma. We cannot figure
>>> out
>>> why we wanted to go for one or the other.
>> There was a recent email discussion about this, please review eg:
> I don't see in this email an argument for using OR not using the comma in
> the URL, or for using or NOT using a semi-colon in the URL.

The argument is as follows:

1. we have to use semicolon in the HTTP header, since comma has a
different meaning there.
2. we might as well be consistent in both, URL and HTTP header with
our separators.
3. therefore use of semicolon is preferred in URL over use of comma


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