Re: minutes from yesterday and some fixes

2010/3/9 RaphaŽl Troncy <>:
> Dear Silvia,
>> I think great progress was made yesterday. I am very sorry I missed
>> the afternoon part. I would appreciate if minutes could be posted?
> You woke up too early and should wait a bit more :-)
>> Also, I just made some changes to the spec:
>> * I introduced the new Content-Range-Equivalent header (which made it
>> heaps cleaner)
> Hum, you should not have done that yet. We haven't discussed completely this
> issue this afternoon, or more precisely, we discover many more problems to
> discuss.
>> * I introduced multiple track names in a track dimension and removed
>> stray mention of single quotes
> There is one more thing about multiple track names that need to be discussed
> tomorrow morning is whether these should be comma OR semi-colon separated in
> the URI. In the headers, the delimiter will be comma. We cannot figure out
> why we wanted to go for one or the other.

There was a recent email discussion about this, please review eg:

I assume that when you say "in the headers, the delimiter will be
comma", you mean a syntax like:

Some-Header: track audio, track subtitle

and not

Some-Header: track audio,subtitle

as that would obviously contradict what was discussed in the email.


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