Re: AW: Agreed API changes

Dear all,

i am very happy that you make such a valuable progress during the F2F!

Since Thierry helped me to restore my CVS account, i can reflect the changes into the API document. I will respond now to every item raised by Werner.

Cheers and have a great time in the US!

> - add a method to query whether an implementation supports sync and/or async

+1, should we code this also into a status code?

> - getPropertyNamesHavingValues can probably be dropped (given that you can have the same result querying with an empty propertyNames array)

+1, definitly

> - There are cases where getOriginalMetadata cannot return a useful result, e.g. when metadata is spread across a container file. The API should return an appropriate status in this case (e.g. 415 Unsupported Media Type)

+1, i will add it

> - change the order of sync/async (async shall be first)

+1, i will propose a reordering of the document

> - add introductory text, explaining the two modes, the relation to web service use case etc

Here i will start a discussion on the mailing list, with an initial draft.

> - in asynchronous mode
>  - allow to query multiple properties by passing an array of property names (can be empty to query all properties)
>  - change order of arguments (first callbacks, then the filter, including the property names)
>  - explain that error callback is to be used for global errors of a request, while the result can still contain different status codes for each of the properties

As already outlined, i have a few problems in understanding this correctly - maybe Werner can do the changes related to async mode?

> - we adopt the changes to the synchronous mode proposed by Florian, except the way to return the status code, the return type shall just be a MediaAnnotation array
> - for returning status codes, MediaAnnotation shall have an attribute statusCode (as proposed by Pierre-Antoine), allowing to return different status codes for each of the items in the result, to be used in both sync and async mode

+1, fully agree with Pierre-Antoines proposal!

> - in addition, in synchronous mode also allow to query multiple properties by passing an array of property names (can be empty to query all properties)


> - include in the API document a specification of the date format
> - implement the proposed changes to the return types sent in the earlier mail

Not quiet sure what you mean here - can you give me a short clarification?

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