Ontlogy WD as 2nd Last Call

Hi all,

During the F2F in Santa Clara we have updated the Ontology document:

- revised the type definition column in table of 5.1.2 Descriptive 
properties (Core Set)
-revised the RDF Ontology accordingly
-revised the table section  7.2 Correspondence between the informal 
ontology and the RDF representation accordingly

-revised the section 5.1.3 Examples for the Core Set of properties

-revised the Quicktime mapping table
merge the techinal properties in the mapping table for QuickTime and 
OGG. Now these 2 containers formats refer to the metadata format mapping 
-small edits and typos.

The final document ready for publication is available at

Please review it carefully as we will vote for publication as 2nd LC 
during our next telecon on March 1st.


Received on Thursday, 17 February 2011 18:05:46 UTC