AW: Agreed API changes

Dear all,

these are further API issues we came across:

- add a method to query whether an implementation supports sync and/or async
- getPropertyNamesHavingValues can probably be dropped (given that you can have the same result querying with an empty propertyNames array)
- There are cases where getOriginalMetadata cannot return a useful result, e.g. when metadata is spread across a container file. The API should return an appropriate status in this case (e.g. 415 Unsupported Media Type)

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Von: Bailer, Werner
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2011 00:11
Betreff: Agreed API changes

Dear all,

we discussed the API changes proposed by Florian. This is the list of changes to be done agreed by the F2F participants:

- change the order of sync/async (async shall be first)
- add introductory text, explaining the two modes, the relation to web service use case etc
- in asynchronous mode
  - allow to query multiple properties by passing an array of property names (can be empty to query all properties)
  - change order of arguments (first callbacks, then the filter, including the property names)
  - explain that error callback is to be used for global errors of a request, while the result can still contain different status codes for each of the properties
- we adopt the changes to the synchronous mode proposed by Florian, except the way to return the status code, the return type shall just be a MediaAnnotation array
- in addition, in synchronous mode also allow to query multiple properties by passing an array of property names (can be empty to query all properties)
- for returning status codes, MediaAnnotation shall have an attribute statusCode (as proposed by Pierre-Antoine), allowing to return different status codes for each of the items in the result, to be used in both sync and async mode
- include in the API document a specification of the date format
- implement the proposed changes to the return types sent in the earlier mail

If there are no objections to these changes, we can implement them into the API document. Florian, could you do this?

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