[Mediann] Action 63

Dear all,

In the 16-12-08 telephone conference, I had been appointed to formulate 
a liaison letter for the MPEG MXM group.

Such a formal letter is not needed, as it was already delivered by 
Soohong and Joakim on 8th December.
Anyway, I have introduced again the MAWG group in the context of the MXM 
standard, and we have been encouraged to make a presentation of MAWG 
activities at the next MPEG meeting, which is taking place between the 
2nd and the 6th February in Lausanne. Either Jaime, Rubén or myself will 
be there anyway, so we can make this presentation.

Víctor Rodriguez

Received on Monday, 22 December 2008 08:40:24 UTC