Re: [Mediann] Action 63

Many thanks, Victor, that's good to now!


Victor Rodriguez Doncel さんは書きました:
> Dear all,
> In the 16-12-08 telephone conference, I had been appointed to 
> formulate a liaison letter for the MPEG MXM group.
> Such a formal letter is not needed, as it was already delivered by 
> Soohong and Joakim on 8th December.
> Anyway, I have introduced again the MAWG group in the context of the 
> MXM standard, and we have been encouraged to make a presentation of 
> MAWG activities at the next MPEG meeting, which is taking place 
> between the 2nd and the 6th February in Lausanne. Either Jaime, Rubén 
> or myself will be there anyway, so we can make this presentation.
> Regards,
> Víctor Rodriguez

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