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draft minutes Dave Raggett (Friday, 29 November)

call for discussion on next steps after MBUI WG charter expires Dave Raggett (Thursday, 28 November)

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draft minutes Dave Raggett (Friday, 22 November)

test Paolo Bottoni (Friday, 22 November)

Glossary for WD publication Jaroslav Pullmann (Friday, 22 November)

Next steps for work on model-based UI at W3C Dave Raggett (Friday, 22 November)

today Paolo Bottoni (Friday, 22 November)

Abstract UI now a W3C FPWD Dave Raggett (Saturday, 9 November)

Call for Exclusions: MBUI - Abstract User Interface Models Coralie Mercier (Friday, 8 November)

minutes for today's call Dave Raggett (Friday, 8 November)

Re: call for comments on publishing AUI and Task models specs Paolo Bottoni (Friday, 8 November)

Problems in the connection to the conference call Laufer (Friday, 8 November)

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